Monday, August 16, 2010

Home-made drill

This one isn't completely done, but I was uploading pictures to sell some things anyway, so I figured I'd make a post.

I read several books and watched films about making knives, and decided to try the simple method of gluing two blocks of wood together around a blade.  There is definitely a big gap in there (You should be able to see part of the metal through the slit.  If I had a clamp, I could have smooshed the wood close together, but all I had was string.  There is an effective way of clamping things with string and another piece of wood, but unfortunately I've forgotten exactly how to do that.  i'll have to experiment in the future.  This tool works well enough that I'm not going to bother.

I will be wrapping some flax fiber thread around it, because I am worried about its long term stability.  However, this thing does actually work!  I am amazied that it fits together as well as it does, because I had to saw it in half while holding onto it.  Yay for having no clamps or vice grips...or work table.  I made this thing while sitting on the couch.

Since I am no smith and don't have the tools to do a lot of metal-working, I just sanded this drill bit into the shape I wanted.  It was originally a rectangular thing with a circle on the end that came with a multi-tool, and I have no idea what it is meant for.  Since I had no use for it, I decided to modify it for this.  Yay!

Later I'll take some pictures of the finished thing and the holes I've drilled with this.  Haven't drilled all the way through anything yet (And with as small as the drill is, I can't drill through very long things), but I have made holes on the end of some wands.  Wands which I also need to take pictures of.

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