Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Button cookies

I came across these in a holiday craft idea book at the library.  It seems many people of the internets have made them, but I figure my attempt won't hurt anything.

I used a boxed mix.  The mix was purchased before I got the idea to make these, in a fit of "I am tired and have been ogling this $1.00 forever."

Here is the end result.

This is an individual cookie.

And here are many more cookies, fresh from the oven.  The nice thing about the outer ring is that it gets brown first, which provides a warning that the cookies are almost done.

And of course cookies go great with...more cookies.

I think they look lovely all piled up together.  If I had frosting I would thread the holes.

These are the well-done cookies.  I like burnt things, so I happily ate them after the pictures were done.

In this picture are the tools I used to decorate.  Two biscuit cutters from a set of graduated sizes.  I picked one that would make decent sized cookies, then took one that was just a size smaller.

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