Sunday, August 8, 2010

Finished shirt revamp!

I have finished my shirt revamp project, for this contest:,3942.0.html  Not sure what I thin of the results.  I'll have to look at them in a few more months to decide.

First, the shirt:

I chose this shirt because it had interesting lines which I thought I might be able to use.

Now, the finished parasol:

I found it hard to take a picture because I had no one to model it and an arm that was too short to hold the camera away.  The frame, including the pole, is made of wire.  The ribbon is wire-edged ribbon, which gives it a nice shape.

Here is a close-up to prove that yes, it was a shirt.

I left the other pocket whole and sewed it against the frame.  That way I could put some valuables in it if I take this thing outside. (Not likely, as my town has very little sunshine.)

Here is what the underside looks like.  I took metal wire that had been coiled a long time, snipped off a few loops, and then tied them together with yarn.  The fabric cover was sewn against the metal loops after it was finished.